Xendit – Revamping the Go-Live process for a hyper-growth FinTech

Xendit (YCombinator S’15)  is Indonesia’s first B2B unicorn. It provides payment solutions that simplify the payment process for businesses in Southeast Asia

The Challenge
As Xendit entered its hyper-growth stage, we started to get a massive increase in sign ups. This added a lot of pressure on internal teams to do more with limited resources, and get businesses signing up live and transacting as quickly as possible.

The objective of this project was to identify team, process and product improvements to optimize the process and reduce the time taken to take businesses from sign up to live and transacting.


  • Inbound Sales Team
  • Outbound Sales Team
  • Legal Team
  • Product Team
  • Engineering Team

My role

  • Strategy
  • UX Research
  • UX Design

Measure of Success
Customer Sign up to Live and Transacting in under 30 days

The Process

First we needed to map out the existing process, and identify the current process to get a customer from sign up to live and transacting. To do so I ran a workshop with the heads of all the relevant departments to run a mapping exercise of the current state of this process.

After the team mapped out the current state of things, we started to identify optimizations / improvements in the workflow and steps where we could introduce new tools / product  features to make the workflow even more efficient and fast.

This exercise led to the creation of a new process map, the one that we planned to implement and achieve to reach our target.

During these discussions, we also discussed KPI’s and SLA’s for each department involved in this process, so we could keep track of  improvements  at each step of the workflow per department, and determine where we could really push the boundaries of improvements to exceed the target we had set out to achieve.

Once we had identified the improvements, it was time to set the changes in motion. Each department head was made responsible for any people process changes involved with this new process map. UX, Product and Engineering we responsible for shipping all new features and improvements to the customer facing products and the internal admin dashboard.

My team and I worked with each of the departments using interviews to first understand what their team workflow was, and then using co-creation activities to design the product flows and interactions for areas where new product features where needed alongside the relevant departments.

Some of the key areas that required me and my team to design new product experiences were –

  •  Pre-Live Dashboard experience where we guided users through all the steps necessary to go live on Xendit
  • Email communications at relevant stages to keep new customers apprised of what was going on in the process
  • Digitizing the contract signing experience, turning it from a wet signature process to one that leveraged a multi signatory digital signing process
  • A new Internal admin dashboard to keep track of all new signups, request updates directly from new users in case of application submission issues, and approve their go-live requests.
Once we had the product flows and interactions ready, it was a relatively easy task to apply the design system and work with engineering team to ship these UI changes using the XenDesign system that we had shipped earlier in the year.


Once we had completed this project and shipped it to production, we found that it had exceeded our expectations, and we were actually able to get customers live in 14 days, which was almost twice as fast as the target that we had originally set out for this project