My aim has always been to help businesses in creating world class products and services while mitigating risks, through Human Centered Design.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with many fantastic businesses. In that time, I have created user-focused experiences that resulted in happier, better-served customers and significant increases in revenue. I’m really proud of that.

Note: A lot of my work can’t be shared publicly. If you are interested in viewing more work samples, you can get in touch with me

Case Studies

  • Xendit – Creating the XenDesign system for the Xendit group of companies

    UX Leadership | UX Design 

    Learn about how I planned, executed and delivered a design system that enabled the company to merge product design and development efforts of 4 Xendit Group companies into 1 design system and code library leading to significant cost savings and 50% decrease in time for shipping products across all 4 Xendit group companies

  • UX Happy Hour Bangkok – Building a community from scratch

    UX Leadership | Community Organizer 

    Learn about how I launched, and scaled UX Happy Hour Bangkok  to 1600+ cumulative members, helping advance the design community in Thailand and the careers of hundreds of students and young professionals

Projects I've Worked on

A brief listing of some of the key projects I’ve worked on at the various roles that I’ve held in the past. This listing doesn’t cover every single project I was involved in, but only highlights some of the key projects that I worked on.


  • User research for Thanachart bank mobile app functionality
  • User research for TMB bank mobile app functionality
  • Research and Design for ttb bank mobile application
  • Redesign of APIX Platform website
  • UX Design for APIX platform
  • Visual Design for APIX platform


  • Rebrand of Brankas
  • Redesign of Brankas.com website
  • User Research on Thailand market for potential opportunities for Brankas products
  • User Research on Account Opening Product
  • User Research on Bank Statement Data
  • User Research on Bank to Bank transfers
  • User Research on Disbursements
  • User Research on Open Core (Open source system for Banking infrastructure)
  • User Research on customer acquisition funnel
  • User Research on customer onboarding journey
  • UX Design of Account Opening product
  • UX Design of Bank Statement data product
  • UX Design of Bank to Bank transfer product
  • UX Design of Disbursement product
  • UX Design of Open Core product
  • UX Design of customer sign up process
  • UX Design of Merchant Link product
  • UX Design of Yokke (partner payment gateway solution)
  • Service Design and UX design of customer onboarding
  • Revamp of onboarding documentation
  • Brankas Design system


  • Rebrand of Xendit
  • Redesign of Xendit.com website
  • User Research on Indonesia market for potential opportunities for Xendit products
  • User Research on Philippines market for potential opportunities for Xendit products
  • Xen Design system for Xendit group of companies (Xendit / Illuma / Instamoney)
  • UX Design of Xendit Dashboard
  • UX Design of Instamoney Dashboard
  • UX Design of Illuma Dashboard


  • Pioneered UX at Agoda
  • Trained entire product org on UX process
  • Conducted User research for Agoda in 14+ countries
  • User Research on B2C product
  • User Research on B2B product
  • User Research on new initiatives 

EdgeOne Medical

  • Redesign of EdgeOne Medical website
  • User research on the end to end experience of the journey of MedTech innovators trying to commercialize a product
  • UX Design of concepts that solved the painpoints of the journey of MedTech innovators trying to commercialize a product

StartUp Institute

  • Coursework on UX
  • Coursework on HTML5 / CSS3 


  • Redesign of SimpleRelevance.com website
  • User research on SimpleRelevance customer dashboard
  • Redesign of SimpleRelevance customer dashboard
  • Redesign of SimpleRelevance onboarding experience
  • Redesign of SimpleRelevance partner products integration experience
  • Nissan motors special project landing page