My approach to leadership

Enablement rather than enforcement. Bridge building rather than whip cracking.  Autonomy & accountability rather than micromanagement and order taking. 

My approach to design

I believe design can offer a great deal of value to businesses by empathizing with customers and helping teams make better decisions.

My work is guided by a desire to balance innovative ideas with proactive action towards measurable outcomes. Failure, to me, is an opportunity to learn and adapt. I am inspired by diverse sources and patterns.

I take pride in my ability to ask insightful questions and push for minimum viable solutions during the design process. Asking questions around extreme edge cases, patterns used in other industries and realms, and imaginary hypotheticals, enables myself and my teams to better understand complex situations. Pairing back creative ideas by focusing on minimum-viable solutions means the team can balance future design directions with immediate business needs.

I also support my teams by connecting ideas and nudging others towards alternative approaches. I value company principles and use them to evaluate decision-making processes.